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The UAE Cabinet of Ministers has given Ministerial Decision No. 100 of 2020 with refreshed direction on the UAE Economic Substance Regulations (ESR) system. The Ministerial Decision additionally incorporated a refreshed Relevant Activities Guide.

We ask all esteemed customers to observe these significant changes gathered and summed up in this declaration for your benefit; including another prerequisite to re-record Notifications through the Ministry of Finance gateway, when accessible.

This re-documenting is required simply by the licensees completing Economic Substance Regulations Relevant Activities who have made their entries in the past to RAKEZ straightforwardly. This progression is likewise needed from licensees who were beforehand out-of-scope, yet are presently in-scope according to the new update.

Diagram of changes to In-Scope Entities


  1. The meaning of a Licensee has been changed to be restricted to juridical people and unincorporated associations that are enrolled in the UAE (regardless of whether via business/exchange permit or other types of grant) that do a Relevant Activity. This incorporates RAK ICC organizations.
  2. Regular people, sole ownerships (not organizations), and other business frames that are not juridical substances are no longer inside the extent of the UAE Economic Substance Regulations.

Excluded Entities

  1. The UAE Economic Substance Regulations accommodate a rundown of elements that are excluded from the prerequisites to record an Economic Substance Regulations Report and meet the Economic Substance Test, yet they stay under a commitment to present a Notification. Coming up next is a rundown of ‘Absolved Licensees’:

UAE organizations that are charge inhabitant outside of the UAE;

  1. Pastoral Decision 100 explains that the substance should be dependent upon corporate duty on the entirety of its pay from a Relevant Activity to have the option to meet all requirements for this exception. Installment of retaining expense would not fit the bill to bring a substance under this exclusion.

Speculation Funds and their fundamental SPVs/venture holding elements;

A Licensee completely possessed by UAE occupants that isn’t essential for a worldwide gathering and that lone does exercise in the UAE;

Clerical Decision 100 explains that UAE occupants incorporates both;

(I) UAE nationals; and

(ii) people holding a legitimate UAE residency grant and living in the UAE.

UAE parts of an unfamiliar organization if the Relevant Income of the branch is liable to burden in the unfamiliar locale.

To guarantee an exclusion under any of the previously mentioned grounds, the Licensee should record a Notification and give adequate narrative proof to show that it meets the prerequisites of the pertinent exception class in each Financial Year in which it professes to be excluded.

UAE organizations that are lion’s share (51% or more) claimed by the UAE government are not, at this point absolved from the UAE Economic Substance Regulations.

Treatment of branches

Clerical Decision 100provides the accompanying explanations on the treatment of branches:

A UAE part of a UAE organization: The UAE organization should document a solitary Notification and Economic Substance Regulations Report (whenever required) solidifying the Relevant Activities of its UAE branch/branches.

A UAE part of an unfamiliar organization: A UAE part of an unfamiliar organization won’t be needed to document an ESR Report and meet the Economic Substance Test given that it submits adequate proof that the Relevant Income of the UAE branch is inside the extent of tax collection in the ward of the unfamiliar administrative center/parent organization.

The “subject to burden” test is met where the pay of the UAE branch is considered while ascertaining the available payment of the unfamiliar administrative center/parent or other applicable gathering substance detailing the Relevant Income of the UAE branch for corporate annual duty purposes, independent of whether the unfamiliar administrative center/parent can guarantee a branch benefit exclusion under a twofold assessment arrangement with the UAE or under the homegrown expense law of the locale of the unfamiliar administrative center/parent.

Unfamiliar part of a UAE organization: A UAE organization with an unfamiliar branch won’t be needed to report the Relevant Activity of the unfamiliar branch in its Notification and Economic Substance Regulations Report (whenever required) if the unfamiliar branch is liable to burden on its Relevant Income in the unfamiliar locale.

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